Can professional carpet cleaners remove old stains?

Many consider carpet cleaning to be a magical service that can remove old stains that have been tried unsuccessfully with various cleaning products, remove pet hair embedded in carpets that haven't been vacuumed for extended periods of time, or remove crevice marks from sitting furniture. Professional cleaning is, without a doubt, a success when it comes to removing stains from the carpet. With a little professional help from us and the use of the top-notch cleaning equipment we use, you can restore the look of your living room carpet. Most carpet and upholstery stains can be fixed with our hot carbonation extraction (HCE) cleaning process. This process uses a carbonated solution to remove stains from the carpet and remove them.

It is based on a Chem-Dry Green certified cleaning product and uses approximately 80% less water than steam cleaning. This makes our EHR process a healthy option for your home. A professional carpet cleaner will remove all the dirt from your carpets. Even the most persistent stains won't stand a chance.

Professional carpet cleaners, especially those that are part of the Sun Dry equipment, are undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to stained or damaged carpets, simply because there is no way for a normal vacuum to have the power that industrial cleaning equipment has. While it's better to use cleaning products on the carpet to remove stains than to let them build up or take root on the floor, it's best to consult a professional. Food is spilled and the carpet will undoubtedly be stained with everyday dust, dirt and grime over time. This method is also not that good and consists of spraying a mixture that is absorbed into the carpets.

But the truth is, you're more likely to eliminate (or considerably reduce) accumulated carpet stains with the help of a professional carpet cleaner than with a regular vacuum. Oil-based stains can be cleaned with dry solvents or D-limonene cleaners and are resistant to water-based cleaners. As you spend more feet on the dirty carpet, you run the risk of dry soil penetrating more into the carpet and making it difficult its removal. According to a recent survey, 93% of Americans form a negative impression of an organization based on a dirty carpet.

However, cleaning carpets regularly will extend their lifespan and, in the long run, save you money.

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