What is the best carpet stain remover for old stains?

Once you've manually removed as much of the stain as possible, follow the instructions on the bottle and apply the carpet cleaner to the carpet. Otherwise, you should contact a professional stain removal company, such as Certified Clean Care, for help. You don't have to have kids or furry friends to appreciate a good carpet stain remover that's also inexpensive, but if you have them, you'll really appreciate it. Rugs provide warmth and familiarity to any home, but when it comes to spills and accidents with pets, potential stains on carpets can make you hesitant to choose the flooring you choose.

Below, you'll find a comprehensive guide to all the essential steps you need to take to remove old carpet stains so you can restore the appearance of your interior space with ease. The instructions for most carpet cleaners indicate that you should dry the stain after applying carpet spray; the term “stain” is often used instead of the word “scrub” because the word “stain” implies that you should gently press the dry or wet cloth against the stain, rather than applying pressure to the carpet in circular motions (e.g., oxygenated formulas contain oxygenated bleach, which causes a reaction at the source of the stain and effectively removes it from carpet or upholstery). Each of these different types of stains requires a specialized cleaning process to permanently remove them from the carpet material. As with all cleaning products, it's best to do everything possible to limit the likelihood of a child or pet ingesting the carpet cleaner. While you should obviously avoid letting young children and animals ingest any type of cleaner, this carpet stain remover is safe as long as it's used (and dried) properly.

For maximum stain removal power, you should let the vinegar and baking soda solution sit on the carpet for about 3 hours. However, there are several homemade solutions that you can use to remove old stains from your carpet quite easily.

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