How do professionals get dog pee out of carpet?

Bonk recommends a cleaner with enzyme proteins that help break down urine molecules and dissolve persistent odors.


Tips · Dry Dog Urine · Dog Bed · Car. This, together with the fact that ammonia is a toxic substance, is the reason why it is never recommended to use cleaning products containing ammonia on urine stains. To combat dry urine, follow the same steps you would take with an enzyme cleaner in case of recent accidents.

If none of the above methods for treating dog urine on the carpet work and the odor persists, it might be time to clean the carpet. If your dog's bed is too big to fit in the washing machine, or if it's made of a material that can't be machine washed (memory foam usually isn't), you'll want to dry the excess liquid and treat the soiled area with an enzymatic cleaner, just as you would with carpets. But beyond that, the best thing you can hope for is to be there to clean the urine before it builds up and becomes a stain. For example, dogs with dementia may simply forget their domestic training and think that their carpet is only as good as peeing outside.

If you don't have an enzyme cleaner handy, try these tips for removing dog urine from carpet and car seats. These simple steps will teach you how to clean pet urine from the floor and how to share the safe and effective cleaning products you should use to do so. We discuss measures to eliminate urine on various surfaces in the home and what to do if you only have common household cleaning products on hand. So, if you have a urination emergency, follow these guidelines to clean the carpet and neutralize stinky dog urine.

If your sniffer doesn't work, you're in luck: try a black light to identify where the stinky dog urine on your carpet comes from. The Bissell Little Green is compact, practical and effective for deep cleaning and removing dog urine from the carpet. But knowing how to remove persistent dog urine stains and odors from carpets and furniture can make the incident much less stressful when it occurs. In that case, you may need to level up and use an over-the-counter enzyme cleaner that removes urine stains from dogs and cats and neutralizes odors to prevent pets from returning to the scene if accidents repeat.

If your dog or cat inhales a carpet cleaner, it could cause mild stomach discomfort and mild respiratory irritation, which could lead to sneezing, coughing or runny nose, Wismer says.

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