Do professional carpet cleaners use steam?

The truth is that we don't actually steam clean carpets. At Stanley Steemer, we use a process called hot water extraction to clean your home. This is often called steam cleaning because of the steam seen when we clean, but we don't actually use steam to clean. Steam cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that is often used by professionals. In fact, it's so popular that homeowners often try to implement this technique on their own by renting a steam cleaning machine for a day or two.

These machines work by injecting very hot water into carpets with the help of a high pressure application system. Pressure and heat are thought to break down dirt and debris attached to carpet fibers. Our carpet cleaning service uses a patented method of cleaning by extracting hot water. This is often referred to as steam carpet cleaning, although we don't actually use steam to clean. This cleaning method allows us to safely remove dirt, stains and odors, without leaving any residue.

So when you need professional carpet cleaning, contact Stanley Steemer, your nearest carpet cleaner. The biggest difference between dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning, as you might have guessed, is the amount of water used for cleaning. Almost nothing is used in dry cleaning, which means that carpets are usually dry enough to walk on immediately. Steam cleaning uses only water to clean carpets, so carpets can take up to 24 hours to dry.

Steam cleaning doesn't use any chemicals, but it usually requires more labor and is more expensive. Carpets that are shampooed often begin to take on a dreary color, because the remaining shampoo residues have a sticky nature. which attracts dirt. The dry cleaning method uses an absorbent compound that is spread over the carpet or applied with a machine.

As a result, carpet shampoo is a disappointing option if you want your carpet to look clean in the long term. For 75 years, Stanley Steemer has been the professional carpet cleaning expert that people trust to provide the best carpet cleaning service available. However, if you're concerned about the durability of your carpet over time and after multiple cleanings, steam cleaning is probably the best option. Even if you do the work yourself, you'll usually pay more to rent or buy a steam cleaner than to buy the chemicals to dry clean carpets.

If you're interested in partnering with professional carpet cleaners to bring your carpets back to life after heavy traffic accidents or accidents that have caused stains, it's important to do some research. If you've ever seen professional carpet cleaners working in a commercial facility, such as a hotel, you've probably seen them cleaning the hood. You can always talk to a nearby carpet cleaner to learn more and address your concerns. Then, you'll spray the dry powder onto the carpet (a strainer works great), where it works to remove stains, dirt, and sand.

As part of this process, the power of carbonation is harnessed to remove dirt and debris from carpets without the need to use foaming detergents that leave a sticky residue.

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