What does stanley steemer use to clean carpets?

The method we use for carpet cleaning is the extraction of hot water, commonly known as steam cleaning. Stanley Steemer's unique hot water extraction method removes the toughest and deepest dirt safely and gently. Steam comes from boiling water, at more than 100°C and 212 °F. Stanley Steemer's professional stain remover for carpets and upholstery quickly and effectively removes most spills and stains of the house.

Designed for low-haired carpets, it is ideal for very dirty or matted areas with heavy traffic, where lifting the fibers will aid the cleaning process and then placing the hair after cleaning it to give it a completely new look. These durable, non-slip 24 x 36 cm mats reduce accumulated dirt, helping to keep the carpet looking good between cleanings. Join the CleaningTips community for useful tips and advice on how to keep your living spaces clean and organized. Creating a homemade or self-made carpet cleaner may seem like a tedious project, but it's actually quite easy. The Stanley Steemer Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner cleans, polishes and protects laminate and hardwood floors.

In fact, many of the solutions used to make the cleaner are common household items that you probably already have lying around. The Stanley Steemer neutral tile and grout cleaner, suitable for use in small areas or for general cleaning, removes even the toughest dirt from tile floors safely and gently. The first is to know what type of fibers make up the carpet and the second is to have all the right cleaning agents to help eliminate the stain. Using the right cleaning agents and techniques for your specific carpet helps prevent potential damage and provide the most effective cleaning.

Unlike other carpet cleaning methods used by other companies, such as shampooing or dry cleaning, hot water extraction does not damage carpet fibers or leave any residue. Before you can choose a carpet cleaning solution, you'll need to know what type of fibers make up your carpet.

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