What is better steam cleaning or chem dry?

Both dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning usually remove dirt, debris, and even stains from carpets. However, since steam cleaning uses high temperatures and water, it generally provides better results for removing stains, especially those that are already embedded. As such, steam cleaning generally leaves a carpet looking cleaner. Yes, traditional steam cleaners work by pumping a carpet with soapy water under high pressure.

This water is full of chemicals that tend to leave a residue that will be familiar to anyone who has seen their carpets undergo this process. Our name says “Dry” because our treatments dry much faster than steam cleaning alternatives. Our patented hot carbonated extraction process uses the power of carbonation and powerful extraction equipment that allows us to use up to 80% less water than traditional steam cleaners. Unfortunately, this residue tends to attract dirt and, in fact, can cause carpets to become dirty again much faster after cleaning them exactly the other way around than is desired.

Steam cleaning uses the extraction of hot water to remove dirt and spills from the carpet and extend its lifespan. However, whether you choose a steam cleaner or a chemical dry cleaner, it's essential to find a company that uses environmentally friendly solutions. Because dry cleaning uses chemicals, people with allergies or sensitivities may be concerned about possible reactions to solvents and perfumes. You can always talk to a nearby carpet cleaner for more information and to resolve your concerns.

Even if you do the work yourself, you'll usually pay more to rent or buy a steam cleaner than to buy the chemicals to dry clean carpets. For dry cleaning, you can use your own vacuum, so all you'll need is a brush and dry-cleaning chemicals. Steam cleaning uses excessive amounts of water, which often penetrates the base of the carpet and creates a breeding ground for allergens and contaminants. If you don't have time or the carpet hasn't been cleaned for a long time, you may decide to hire a professional to clean the carpets.

Steam cleaning can leave a cleaner carpet, but the job also requires a little more labor, making it a more expensive service. While steam cleaning is the most environmentally friendly option, it requires longer drying times and a more powerful cleaning solution. As it does not contain detergents, the Chem-Dry natural cleaning solution helps carpets stay clean longer, as they leave no sticky residue.

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