What do professional carpet cleaners use for pet urine?

It is safe for use on stain-protected carpets and fabric finishes and can be used to neutralize strong odors and disinfect carpets. Professional carpet cleaners will lift sections of the carpet, as stated, and will clean the bottom of the carpets instead of just the top. Over time, you may not notice any smell of urine, but once steam or hot water reaches the carpet backing or underlying padding, you may notice unpleasant pet odors coming from the carpets. A professional carpet cleaning contractor will also be able to lift the carpet to clean the underside of the backrest, as mentioned, and remove dried urine from the padding underneath.

In addition to worsening pet odors, inadequate carpet cleaning techniques can mean wetting the carpet backing and, over time, creating a musty and musty smell. Washing carpets with shampoo or steam can also remove fresh debris that a dog or cat may have recently accumulated on the carpet, also eliminating those unpleasant odors. Your carpet cleaning contractor should recommend the best carpet cleaning method for your home, but keep in mind some important details about the different cleaning options so you know what to expect or ask for them when you schedule your next carpet cleaning service. A carpet cleaning contractor can also clean the carpet padding underneath the carpet backing, as needed.

Homeowners should also budget to replace their home carpet every 10 years at most, since carpet fibers retain dirt, dust and odors over time, no matter how well you maintain and clean them. To ensure that the carpets in your home are kept in good condition and smell as good as possible, see additional information about the cleaning needed to eliminate pet odors and other important details about how to wash carpets with shampoo in general. In turn, if you invest in the services of a professional carpet cleaner, you'll be less likely to form mold and the unpleasant odors that accompany it.

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