What is the main ingredient in carpet cleaner?

The most common ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate or one of its relatives. There are dozens of carpet cleaning products on the market and hundreds of professional carpet cleaning services. In addition to drain cleaners and muriatic acid, carpet cleaners are among the most toxic cleaning chemicals you can have in a home. Since a homemade cleaner contains no preservatives, it's best to prepare a fresh solution just before each stain removal or carpet cleaning session.

Today, manufacturers of carpet cleaning products are increasingly transparent with the ingredients in their solutions. Heat enough distilled water on the stove or microwave to fill most of the carpet cleaner's water tank (about a gallon). But with just a few supplies you probably already have, you can clean your carpets yourself with an effective home carpet cleaner. Spray the stained area of the carpet with the solution and use a soft-bristled brush to penetrate the fibers.

Unless otherwise indicated, pets and children should be kept away from clean carpet until it dries. If you're using a carpet cleaning machine, filter wastewater to avoid clogging the sink. Usually, wastewater is discharged through drains connected to the city's sewer system. If you've been responsible for cleaning your carpets and rugs, you may be left with toxic carpet cleaners and other carpet conditioning products that you need to discard.

Since household cleaners don't do this, it's best to prepare a fresh solution just before each carpet cleaning session, whether you're treating a new stain or doing a deep cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaning products include preservatives and stabilizers to improve their lifespan. And while you might know what your cleaning products contain, you probably don't know why those particular ingredients are included in the formula.

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